Today I was helping a customer that was using Data Rescue 3 to recover data from an accidentally reformatted hard drive. She had already completed a Deep Scan but needed to get a new drive with enough space to recover her data to. She contacted support wondering if there was any way for her to save the scan so that she would not have to run the scan again since it took so long to scan her 1 TB hard drive.

I explained to her that the scan information is automatically saved to her the Workspace location that she chose for the scan. Before you can start a scan, Data Rescue 3 will ask you to choose a Workspace on a separate drive and since the scan is saved to this Workspace location she would not have to worry about rescanning. She was very glad that the scan was already saved and she went to go get a new drive to recover her files to. She was able to access her previously completed scan, recover her priceless data (photos of kids) and she recovered her files to her new hard drive.