Today I spoke with a customer who had lost files on her computer during an upgrade to a newer version of Mac OS X.  She had previously contacted AppleCare and they were trying to assist her and help her find the missing files.  Somehow her files were lost after the upgrade finished.  Apple then sent her a copy of Prosoft’s Data Rescue 3, data recovery software, so she could attempt to recover the files herself.

Weary to Try Data Recovery Software

After she read through many tips on how to use data recovery software online, she learned that it was not recommended to install any additional software when trying to do deleted file recovery.  She was anxious to run a scan just so she could see if the files still resided on the hard drive, but she was afraid to do anything and risk permanently losing them.  She was on Prosoft’s website and saw that we offered free phone support, so she took advantage of that.  I assisted her with an option to use Data Rescue 3 without installing the software to her hard drive.  I had her use Data Rescue 3 from the install disk and run a deep scan on the internal boot drive of her Mac. We did not want to install anything on the hard drive and run the risk of possibly over-writing the important files she wanted to recover (credit laura here).  She was thankful for the assistance and was looking forward to the results. She had her external hard drive attached that was being utilized for a workspace or destination drive.

Great Data Recovery Software

After the scan had completed she was very impressed and relieved to see the files she had been missing.  She was also very grateful to have the additional and assistance I was able to give her over the phone.