Data Rescue is the best data recovery software available for the Mac and PC.  Prosoft offers a free downloadable demo.  We are also one of the very few data recovery software companies that offers free pre/post sales technical support via email or phone.

Data Rescue is very safe to use.  It is strictly a data recovery tool and cannot write to the drive or try to repair it.  Therefore you don’t risk the chance of writing over your data and making it unrecoverable.  Your first step should be to recover and save your data before you try any repair efforts.

Excellent Customer Service and Free Technical Support

Having a support team based in California is of course more expensive than some outsourced, overseas service.   This expense helps pressure us as a company to provide great, easy to use products (otherwise our support lines would be clogged and our costs would be high).  We have actual phone support, not “just email” or “chat” which so many companies are resorting to.  As you can imagine, customers needing support for a crashed hard drive scenario are somewhat frantic and a calming voice works wonders.  Also, many times the person we’re supporting has no working computer (since it has crashed) and therefore email and chat options aren’t even available for them.  Our free technical support team, based right in our California office, gives customers the very best solution.  We pair our award-winning, best in class software with our highly-rated support team for an unmatched offering.  Anyone can sell you software, that’s the easy part.  Providing best-in-class software AND top-notch support is what Prosoft Engineering provides.  Don’t accept anything less.

Try our free demo of Data Rescue for Mac or PC.