Yes, let us introduce you to File IQ. File IQ will enable Data Rescue 3 to learn a new file type while it is performing a scan. is best used when you are searching for a file type that is not found or if you have a special or proprietary file type that is currently not supported by Data Rescue 3. Here is an actual scenario of one our Data Rescue 3 customers that shared his story with us and posted the on Amazon…

“One day last week I went to my web bookmarks and discovered that all those bookmarks I’d carefully collected – a sort of brain dump –had mysteriously vanished and in their place were all my year old bookmarks. Where did the old stuff come from and where did the current stuff go? None of my Mac’s search capabilities found a trace of the current bookmarks. The first time, in many years of Mac use, that I’d wanted something back badly enough to consider using a professional service to recovery those files. I looked around the web a bit for what those services charge. Their prices, it seemed to me, were justified only if “your house was burning down.” Data Rescue 3 was the answer. One of its functions, called FileIQ, was exactly what I needed. It wouldn’t have happened if not for excellent DR 3 support. I had a number of contacts with their support team. They were unfailingly patient and knowledgeable. All that FileIQ requires is that you have, lying around, some broadly similar sorts of files to the ones lost. These become exemplars that you just drag and drop to the FileIQ window. The stuff I needed reappeared. It was the combination of software and support that did the trick.” -By dave393 on Amazon

How to use Data Rescue's FileIQ?

Follow the steps below to properly utilize File IQ: 1. Click “Start New Scan” within the main menu. 2. Select the hard drive you would like to scan. 3. Click the “+” icon to add the desired file samples. 4. Choose any files of the same file type (at least 5) 5. Click “Open” to add the files into the list. 6. Click “Save”. The desired file type will be added to the Learned Types list. 7. Click “Back” and select Deep or Deleted File Scan to help you search for files of your new file module. Once the scan completes, you will find Files IQ’s results in the following path Reconstructed Files/User Defined Data Rescue has the ability to recover any Mac files regardless of how unique and rare they are with its FileIQ tool.  With its robust recovery engine and the FileIQ technology to learn file types, plus a free demo to try before you buy, makes Data Rescue 3 the best data recovery software available for the Mac!

Data Rescue 3’s FileIQ Window