I corresponded with a customer who was using  Data Rescue 3  to scan her failing Mac hard drive, was getting stuck at 51%.  She had previously ran the scan on this drive and when it reached 51% got stuck and locked up Data Rescue 3 and the Mac.  She restarted her system and then initiated her scan again by opening Data Rescue 3. When the scan reached 51% it got stuck again, she was puzzled. I explained to her this is due to the fact that the hard drive being scanned has a physical problem and therefore gets stuck physically, Data Rescue 3 is trying to get the hard drive to skip the block and move along but the hard drive is not responding.

Using a Data Recovery Clone Feature

I suggested to her to startup the Mac with the Data Rescue 3 disc and then start a reverse clone of the hard drive to a good hard drive. This clone will probably get read errors too, but will finish the clone. Once the clone is finished, then run a Deep Scan on the cloned hard drive to recover the files. When started up with the Data Rescue 3 disc the OS does not try to mount the hard drive therefore runs in its own environment to finish the clone.

Best Option for Data Recovery Software

Data Rescue 3 is the best data recovery software for recovering from a problematic Mac hard drive.  It is safe to use.  It does not try to repair and cause further damage to the data you are trying to recover.  Instead it is focused on recovering your files.  It is easy to use, but also very powerful.   It is used by many data recovery services, law enforcement, all major branches of the U.S. Military and major intelligence agencies.

Try it for Free

You can purchase and download immediately from Prosoft’s website for $99.