Lost hard drive data after installing 10.9?

On several Mac news sites there have been articles posted about a few hard drive manufacturer’s drives losing data after installing OS X Mavericks.  Johnny Evans has an article with specific details posted on Computerworld.com.

Through the past decade of Apple’s new OS X releases, Prosoft has seen a spike in tech support calls and Data Rescue sales with each release.  Customers that have upgraded to the new OS and lost data from their hard drive call in a panic.  With the latest OS release of Mavericks a few weeks back this trend continues…

Precautionary Tips Prior to Upgrading to Mavericks

If you haven’t already upgraded to Mavericks, Prosoft highly recommends creating a cloned backup of your hard drive just in case something goes wrong.  Better safe than sorry. Plus having a cloned backup makes it fast and easy to get back up and running should your hard drive fail or you accidentally lose data when loading Mavericks onto your Mac.  In most cases, upgrading to a new OS goes smoothly and there is not a very high number of users experiencing data loss. That doesn’t make the few that it does happen happy though, hearing they are part of a select few that it affected..

What if Mavericks Wiped Out Your Data?

Data Rescue 3 to the Rescue!  Data Rescue is your best option for Mac data recovery software.  It can recover data from a hard that has been reformatted or when a  new OS has been installed incorrectly or with problems-

Key steps to follow after data loss from upgrading to Mavericks

If you don’t have a backup to revert back to, here are the key steps to follow to recover the data from your Mac:

  1.  Do not write to the drive you are experiencing data loss from.  The more you attempt to write to the drive, including downloading data recovery software from the internet, the less the chances are for a full recovery.

  2.  Use Data Rescue 3 to scan the hard drive you need to recover the files from and have a secondary hard drive to recover those files to.

 How to use Data Rescue on a failed OS installation.

Make sure to NOT install Data Rescue to the drive you are trying to recover data from (or download it there) since that too can overwrite files you want. Instead, download the application to another Mac.

Important News on Bootable DVDs

Prosoft has old Boot DVDs that ONLY work on Macs from June 2011, that means that we don’t boot ANY macs sold for 6 months in 2011, ALL Of 2012 and ALL Of 2013.  Prosoft recommends making a bootable keychain drive as the work around.