The most important task that any computer user should perform for data protection is data backup. Keeping duplicate copies of important data is crucial. Files, folders, user settings and operating systems should all be backed up to facilitate data recovery in the event of a catastrophic failure. Routine backups will also prevent problems that occur through user error, such as accidental deletions. However, many computer users do not backup their computers because they feel that the process is too difficult. The Time Machine backup program, introduced in the "Leopard" Mac 10.5 operating system, came a long way in assisting users in the backup process. Mac file recovery is simplified for novice users. The slick, futuristic interface almost makes backing up files entertaining. However, power users of Macintosh computers will soon find that it has some limitations. For example, Time Machine will only backup to hard drive media and those drives must be formatted with Mac file system formats. Data Backup 3, developed by Prosoft Engineering, is a Mac backup program that both the novice and power user will find useful and easy to use. The default settings will backup those items that the casual user will find necessary. The more advanced settings allow the power user or business user to fine tune the backup process. One of the biggest differences is that Data Backup 3 allows for backups to CDs, DVDs, and both externally and internally connected hard drives. Bootable drives can be cloned to allow quick recovery in the event of a system crash.