I was helping a customer today create a bootable clone backup for his MacBook Pro using Prosoft’s Data Backup 3. I was able to guide him to make sure the external drive he was using was formatted properly to make a bootable clone. Since he had an Intel Mac, the drive’s partition map scheme must be GUID Partition Table and the format must be Mac OS Extended in order to boot his Mac. Yeah, a lot of technical jargon but that’s what the prosoft support team is here to help with! Once the drive was properly formatted, I walked him through creating a new backup set in Data Backup 3 setting up the proper backup options for his clone.

Once we had the settings right, I guided him to scheduling the backup so it would run every night at 8:00PM before he went to bed. When his backup completed he had all of his data on his external drive and since it was a clone backup he could even boot from this external drive if he ever has issues with his internal hard drive. That way, if his main HD on his MacBook Pro ever crashed or had any issue, he would be able to boot up from that external drive.. Heck, he could even take that external drive over to a friend’s house and boot from it (using his friend’s Mac) and be up and running if his MacBook Pro was ever lost or stolen! Data Backup 3 is a great backup utility and the clone is one of its many great features.