By a huge, ever-growing margin. It’s interesting to note that Kodak, a longtime leader in the photography field, was the first to actually develop digital imaging. Unfortunately they didn’t fully embrace the concept and are now struggling to keep their financial head above water.

Businesses and consumers are both major users of digital photography. The equipment ranges from point-and-shoot cameras to digital SLR cameras to the phone-based mini-cam. The ease of use on these devices helps to generate thousands upon thousands of photographs and movies each year. The ever increasing capacity of media cards permits the storage of hundreds of digital photos before the images need to be downloaded or the media card changed.

This is certainly a welcome alternative to rolls of film that only contained limited images. Unfortunately, the downside of the technology is that hundreds of important photos could be lost if the card becomes corrupted. Additionally, many photos are lost to accidental deletion. However, Prosoft Engineering has software offerings that make digital picture recovery a simple, efficient process. For example, ourdigital photo recovery software, Klix, sports an easy-to-use interface and even recovers photos that were deleted in the past.

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