Today I helped a customer use the Choose Drive/Volume for Scan feature in Data Rescue 3. This is an expert feature that allows you to select the source drive or volume associated with previous Scan Results. This is helpful when you notice that in the Scan Results your scan shows up as “Drive/Volume unavailable” or “Drive/Volume ambiguous” instead of “Completed”.  In this case the customer I was helping was unable to mark files for recovery in the Scan Results because the scan was grayed out and therefore could not recover any files from his Deep Scan that ran overnight.

He told me that the Scan Results showed up as “Drive/Volume unavailable” and not “Completed”, so I explained that the original source drive for the scan may not be detected properly. So first I suggested that he eject the drive and then reconnect it to his computer. Then I had him enable the Expert features and then go to Choose Drive/Volume for scan where he was able to choose the correct drive that he originally scanned. After he chose the drive when he went back to the Scan Results the scan was no longer grayed out and he was able to mark files for recovery. He was able to recover all of the files to another drive and was glad he didn’t lose any of his data.