Today I helped a customer that wanted to recover some videos from a hard drive that was no longer mounting. He tried a Deep Scan using Data Rescue 3 but after it completed a lot of the videos that he was looking for were not recovered. It turns out that the videos he was looking for were large movie files taken from his camera and ranged in sizes of around 15 GB to over 20 GB and the default Maximum Size is 10.7 GB. I guided him to the Data Rescue 3 Preferences where he could edit the File Modules of the Scan Engine. He went in and increased the Maximum File Size for Movies in the Scan Engine to accommodate file sizes of up to 30 GB.

After he finished changing the Scan Engine Preferences, he reran the Deep Scan with Data Rescue 3. When the scan completed he was able to find his movie files and he recovered them to another drive. At first he thought his movies were lost for good but he was glad there was a way for him to get them back.