Data recovery is something every individual and small business needs to plan for, but few do. A catastrophic data loss can shut down a business for days, or cause a student to fail a class. There are a number of reasons why someone might need software for hard disk recovery, here are a couple of the most important to keep in mind.

Viruses: There’s a widespread mistaken belief that Macintosh’s never get viruses. Anyone, regardless of operating system, can get infected with a virus which can cause severe data loss. Even if an individual or small business owner is using antivirus software (as they should!), there’s always the looming specter of 0-day exploits from which there is no real defense.

User failures: It’s easy to see how a user could accidentally delete a vital file. Maybe it was just sitting next to some not-so-important file that they needed to delete. Maybe they were deleting sensitive data that they thought was automatically backed up off-site, but wasn’t. No matter how careful someone is, it can happen to them. Anyone could could find themselves in need of some Macintosh data recovery software.

Hardware failures: On a long enough time scale, any piece of hardware will eventually fail. Whether it be an immediate and catastrophic head crash, the ominous clicks of death, or the straight-forward and complete destruction that comes from dropping a laptop in a puddle, all hard drives die. Off-site backups can help protect from the full effects of a hardware failure, but there’s no way for an individual or small business to completely protect themselves. Hard disk recovery software suites are an important part of an overall data plan.

No one should wait until they’re frantically typing “file recovery mac” into a search engine, desperately hoping they’ll be able to find and figure out how to use a Macintosh data recovery suite while on a harsh deadline, to prepare for their disk data recovery needs.