If you are considering upgrading the hard drive on your Mac or PC, you may want to consider building an external drive with the old drive. In many cases your old drive will do great as a backup, transfer or temporary storage solution. If you’re going to upgrade to an SSD drive, it makes even more sense. Chances are, if you’re buying a new SSD drive you will probably buy the same capacity or smaller because of the increased price of SSD drives. This scenario will leave you with a larger drive than the new SSD drive you’re installing, making an excellent backup drive when paired with the right external enclosure.

OWC, who is one of our partners, has plenty of high quality enclosures to meet any budget or connectivity needs. One of my favorites is the OWC On-The-Go Pro that supports FireWire 800/400 /USB 2.0 & 1.1. with a 2.5” Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drive. Or the Elite Pro mini which uses aluminum as the enclosure outer material.  Aluminum is a great heat dissipater and matches your Mac Book Pro or Macbook Air.


When you’re ready to upgrade your Mac’s internal hard drive, Drive Genius 3 can help you clone your existing hard drive to your new one and the the external enclosure will allow you to connect your new drive externally to make the migration a snap.

As a bonus to our customers and readers, I am including a how to guide that uses the demo version of Data backup 3 to make a clone backup to your new drive. This how to guide will make upgrading your existing Mac drive to your new one very simple and fast. Once this bootable clone is made it can be a handy and indispensable startup disk for troubleshooting your Mac or running Data Rescue 3 or Drive Genius 3 as an alternative startup disk. Additionally, making and maintaining a bootable backup is a smart way to keep all your files safe and accessible in the event of a hard drive failure or theft.

Data Backup 3 bootable Clone How-To guide