Prosft Engineering offers Drive Genius 3 as a way for any Mac computer user to maintain, monitor and manage your hard drives. However, risks factors do exist when using any hard drive utility like Drive Genius, Apple’s Disk Utility or any other hard drive utility that makes significant changes to your file system. Per Apple’s recommendation when using Disk Utility, it is highly advised to make a bootable backup before making any file system changes. Drive Genius is an award-winning, effective way to defrag, repartition and repair your drive/volumes. However, it is possible for unforeseen file system corruption, third party application interference, power-outages, system instability and user error to cause data loss in rare situations. This is why experienced Mac users know to always backup before performing any of the tasks mentioned as a precaution and as an ongoing routine before making these changes. Drive Genius users should use a backup application and perform a complete backup of the entire system before using Drive Genius. We recommend a clone or bootable backup for easy rollback options. A clone backup allows you to restore your complete operating system, applications and personal data. You can use Apples Time Machine , Drive Genius’s Duplicate tool or Data Backup 3 for free from our website. After your backup is complete, we encourage you to do a boot test as verification. You should also back up your entire system before: Installing a Mac OS X software update Using migration assistant Upgrading your operating system. Formatting any drive. Using Drive Genius 3 or any other hard drive utility, including Apple’s Disk utility.