Data loss occurs for a variety of reasons. Physical drive failure will demand the services of a data recovery service because the repair entails disassembly. This requires a specially controlled environment that is not possible in the home of office. However, the computer user can often accomplish logical drive failure recovery.Numerous factors contribute for logical drive failure and its accompanying data loss: · Accidental deletion is a common reason for data loss. Checking the delete or recycle bin may located the file; additionally, file recovery software can often restore the file. · File corruption of the data files and operating system can cause drive failure and data loss. Malware attacks from computer viruses and worms cause file corruption. The recovery program should be able to boot the computer without the operating system in this case. · Improper shutdown of the computer can cause data loss and file corruption as well. Power loss is one reason for improper shutdown. Many of the newer computers are powered by a 64-bit processor and controlled by a 64-bit operating system. Without getting technical, this arrangement allows the computer to run more efficiently, utilize more random access memory and multi-task better. This arrangement is increasingly more common in newer Macintosh computers. 64-bit Mac file recovery software, such as Data Rescue 3 – for Mac, are able to scan the hard drive more quickly and reduce the time needed for file restoration. Additionally, Data Rescue 3 can be used as an emergency boot disk, for restoration when the OS is not operable.