There is no questioning the fact that computers have become an important part of daily life, both personally and professionally. The vast amount of information stored on these machines ranges from family of photographs to business documents and architectural drawings. There can be hundreds, even thousands of digital photos stored on the home computer. The average office worker can generate and edit hundreds of documents during the course of the workweek. Furthermore, because these documents no longer need to be stored in file cabinets, they are easily accessed from the worker’s desk.

Unfortunately, while computers are reliable, they are machines and can fail. They are susceptible to data loss. Human error is also another cause of data loss. When loss occurs, it is necessary to take steps to retrieve that data. When searching for recovery solutions, a person needs to understand the limitations of the software. Some software may offer free data recovery. However, what is actually offered is a demo version. Actual recovery requires the purchase of the full version. Demo software is legitimate; it gives the user a chance to ensure the software will work with their machine. However, it should be advertised as such.

Prosoft Engineering, an expert in hard drive recovery, develops data recovery software for Mac computers, as well as Windows-based PCs. Data Rescue 3 is an excellent choice for Macintosh users. Their demo version illustrates exactly what files can be recovered. It also allows recovery of one file that is 10 MB or less in size. This way the user can determine if this software will be compatible for their machine.