Data loss

Here at Prosoft and The Data Rescue Center, we help customers who have hard drives with either logical or physical hard drive failure.  It also seems that about 9 times out of 10 they don’t have a recent backup of their hard drive to fall back on.  Thankfully we are able to assist them with our data recovery software - Data Rescue or in extreme cases our data recovery service - The Data Rescue Center.

Importance of backing up

After our customers have recovered their data they are often very interested in learning about preventive measures for the future and want recommendations on how to start backing up. Prosoft is the developer of Data Backup 3.  Data Backup 3 is our easy-to-use backup software and can help simplify and automate the backup process.

Options for backing up your Mac

There are so many products, techniques and options available to help you with this mundane and sometimes complex task.  Whatever you decide is the best solution for you, make sure it is something you can make a habit of doing.  That way if you find yourself faced with a crashed hard drive, accidentally deleted files or other data loss predicaments you will have a recent backup to refer to.

Learning more about backing up your Mac

If you are looking to gain some knowledge and learn more about the extensive world of backups, the expert to follow is Joe Kissel.  Prosoft has consulted with Joe for input on features for Data Backup and we highly recommend his books.  He has been in the Mac industry for over 10 years and has written many publications including the wildly popular, Take Control ebooks.    He most recently released a new book called, “Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac”.

If you are interested in purchasing, “Take Control of Backing Up your Mac”, there is also a special offer for Data Backup 3 inside the book!