Get the most from your speakers with the newest updates for SoundBunny - Independent Volume Control and Hear Audio Enhancement Software for Mac or PC!

Today we are releasing updates to SoundBunny(1.1.2) and the Mac version of Hear(1.2.3) which will be adding compatibility to the Amazon Music Application, as well as enhanced compatibility with Steam which will allow both applications to work with the previews within the Steam client.

Hear and SoundBunny are fully compatible with video games, including all Blizzard Games, most games found on Steam, as well as League of Legends and DotA. Don’t let your enemies have more information on the battlefield than you do!

Have you been gaming on your Mac and have been looking for a simple way to silence background Applications or enhance the Audio that is coming from your games? Get that extra edge when playing games in order to out play your opponent, and never be snuck up on again!

Try out the Free 30 day demos of Hear or SoundBunny to get that extra boost from your Audio.