Today I spoke with a customer who had accidentally erased his hard drive on his MacPro doing some cleanup . He downloaded Data Rescue 3 and started to run a Deep Scan. He was very happy with the results.  He is a music and video production business so he had some fairly large videos and music files.  In this case, he found all of his data in the “found files” folder along with the users directory. He recovered the found files folder and checked his videos for playback and checked his music.  He had found the users home folder all intact with file names and directory structure.  He just had a question regarding the “orphaned files”.  I explained to him that orphaned files do not have a parent folder. He also asked me about the “reconstructed file” folder which I then explained would have sub folders for different categories like documents,images, mail or audio files. He decided to recover that folder and keep it for further review.  This and many others are true customer accounts of Data Rescue 3 success in finding people their missing data.