“You’ve lost your data, and you don’t have a backup.” This statement alone can give anyone a minor heart attack. Yes, losing one’s data can be as catastrophic as a minor heart tremor, but don’t fret. Hope is around the corner in the form of software for data recovery for your Mac or PC…Prosoft’s Data Rescue.

Can You Prevent Data Loss? Whether you have important company financials or beloved photos, it’s important to backup your data. With the right software and proactive mindset, preventing your data from being lost can be done within a matter of seconds. Here’s a look at several reasons why you should backup your data before it is lost.

1. Accessing sites on the internet: Malwares and other sorts of infectious viruses are just waiting to pounce on susceptible hard drives whenever we connect to the internet. Yes, no matter how much you protect your computer and hard drive from viruses, it’s still possible for malware to sneak in despite the firewalls. To avoid any loss of data, you should backup as often as possible.

2. Accessing regular files and folders on your hard drive: Computers and hard drives don’t usually reveal a virus until the file that carries it is opened. This may not be detected in your regular spyware or virus detection software and may hide in various files and folders. It’s quite possible that you may have accessed a corrupted file or folder and released a virus that will soon corrupt other files and folders. Before finding yourself on the scene of a horror movie, it’s important to backup.

3. A hurricane or flood strikes, or a toddler runs loose: There’s no one to blame when either of these events occur. In such cases, it’s impossible to deal with the calamity of their nature, let alone deal with the loss of any data they cause.

Options for Data Recovery

In cases where data loss has occurred and a backup is not available there are “DIY” options and the best data recovery software can be a  lifesaver.  Prosoft’s Data Rescue is highly rated on Amazon, Awarded Editor’s Choice by PC Magazine and used by IT Professionals all over the world.   In cases where physical damage has occurred your best options is to find a reputable hard drive recovery service.  The Data Rescue Center is a division of Prosoft that offers very affordable hard drive recovery options.