Prosoft Engineering, a leader in file recovery software for Macintosh computers, recently began offering a light version of Drive Genius 3 at Apple’s Mac App Store. This version, called Drive Genius 3 LE, has several of the tools and features that are available on the full version. Here is a list of some of the monitoring features available in Drive Genius 3 LE. · Periodic testing of external, non-boot hard drives for drive directory issues · Periodic checking of the fragmentation of external, non-boot drives · DriveSlim feature drives for duplicates, large files, multi-language files and other potential non-essential files. Additionally, the software can repartition and defragment external, non-boot drives.  There are some other limitations on Drive Genius LE. Some other restrictions are that its use is limited to user files, non-admin required tasks and external, non-startup drives on some applications. These changes to the product are required by current App Store rules for applications. Nevertheless, Drive Genius 3 LE is still a powerful and useful application for Mac users. Priced under the cost of the full version software, users of Drive Genius 3 LE will be able to get a feel for the application and how its powerful tools work. Prosoft offers a paid upgrade to the full version that is the difference in the price of the two versions. Prosoft Engineering also offers powerful Macintosh file recovery software, as well as digital image recovery software.