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Recover Lost and Corrupt Data
“Data Rescue remains one of the best tools for maximizing your chances
of rescuing your data from a dud drive outside of an expensive recovery specialist lab.”




Top Ten Reviews
2015 BEST – Mac Hard Drive Recovery Review
“Data Rescue 4 offers the BootWell drive to get your non-starting Mac going again. It outperformed the rest at recovering our damaged and overwritten media files, and its FileIQ feature extends that usefulness to cover most any file type you might be working with.”



The Examiner
Data Rescue 4 Comes to Mac User’s Rescue
“Data Rescue 4 is about as simple as you could hope for, short of A.I. doing it all for you. And by coming on a USB drive, it can be booted up directly on a Mac via USB so as to access the hard drive that contains the operating system (something that is a real pain when it’s that drive that is having man-made or mechanical issues.”



Data Rescue gives you the tools you need to find and restore files lost through accidental deletion or because of damage to the drive they’re stored on. The program’s clear explanations for all options make it a good option for users of all experience levels and mean that, even if you don’t know much about computers, you can still save your files if you follow the instructions.



Data Rescue 4.1 Review
“Same solid data recovery and a new BootWell feature. The BootWell feature is a huge addition, and the app’s stability seems much improved compared to previous versions.”



Top Ten Reviews
Best Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software
“The Verdict: 10/10. In a market saturated with cumbersome and ineffective competitors, Data Rescue 3 emerges as a clear winner among the best disk recovery software for Mac.”



PC Magazine
The 50 Best Mac Apps
“Hard drive failure is the bane of the computing experience. Are you properly prepared for such a heinous event? If not, you should check out Data Rescue® 3 which recovers files from damaged hard drives, as well as those that have been deleted.”



The best thing is…
“It’s a life saver for your external hard drives.”




Top Ten Reviews
Best Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software
“The Verdict: 10/10. As our pick for the best Mac hard drive recovery software out there, Data Rescue’s effectiveness, usability and functionality far outshine the competition.”
When You Must Recover Your Mac’s Data
“Very easy to use, with an interface that guides you through the recovery process. High rate of data recovery success. In reading what other users have said about this app, it seems to be a go-to utility when things aren’t looking well.”



Data Rescue Gives You All The Tools You Need
“The program’s clear explanations for all options make it a good option for users of all experience levels and mean that, even if you don’t know much about computers, you can still save your files if you follow the instructions.”



Popular Mechanics
Don’t Panic! How to Recover Data From a Dead Hard Drive
“If the components in your drive are still functioning, you can recover the data yourself. Once the assessment indicated we’d get good results, we used Prosoft’s Data Rescue, which is tailored for the Mac OS and Mac-formatted drives..”



Top Ten Reviews
2015 BEST – Data Recovery Software Prosoft’s
“Data Rescue PC3 is data recovery software that will carry you from the early stages of logical data loss to a full software recovery. The software will also help you identify mechanically failing devices so you know when to get professional data recovery help.”



PC Magazine
“Highly effective and easy-to-use data recovery application, worth buying in advance for any non-professional who uses multiple computers.” Tech
Actively Monitor Your Drive’s Health and Repair Problems.
Drive Genius can find issues before they become major problems, and can also repair most problems involving file and folder data structure. If your data is important to you, Drive Genius may be just the tool you need to keep your information safe.”



Technology Tell
Drive Genius 4 OS X system maintenance and repair
“For the primary task of maintaining your files, your directories, and a number of other items of your operating system and your files, Drive Genius 4 seems to do exactly what it’s supposed to do, and that’s excellent.”



Drive Genius 3 Review
“Keep your Mac healthy and fast with this helpful app.”




Very Good!
“If you want to keep your computer running in tip-top shape, then Drive Genius is something you should keep in your toolbox. This program is designed to provide professional-level diagnostics and maintenance services to your hard drive. It is an all-in-one solution for improving overall hard drive health.”
A Comprehensive Disk Utility for the Mac
“Drive Genius 3 impressed me enough to add it to my core group of utilities for managing Mac performance and performing basic repairs. I like its straightforward interface, and how well the individual features work.”



Macworld UK
Drive Genius Review
“Drive Genius is, in many ways, the only additional maintenance program you’ll need. In a field packed with poorly designed, one-shoot tools, Drive Genius offers a great looking all-in-one bundle that’s well worth the investment.”
Tom’s Mac Software Pick
SECOND CHANCES With the right software, images from dead memory cards can frequently be brought back to life. I was one-third of the way through a boudoir shoot when a 16GB SD card went bad. I inserted the bad SD card into my computer it said it was unreadable and offered to initialize it. Instead I loaded Picture Rescue 2. The SD card showed up as readable, so I clicked on the scan button and it started to scan every block of information. After about 20 minutes, the software showed thumbnails of all the intact images it had found.”
Tom’s Mac Software Pick
“Picture Rescue 2 is easy to use; with just a few clicks, you can save your files to your Mac. Picture Rescue 2 works with just about any type of memory card, and with almost all image formats that the various camera manufacturers use. It doesn’t matter whether the images are saved as JPEGs, PNGs, or in the camera’s RAW format, Picture Rescue 2 can find them and give them back to you.”



Recovers deleted photos and movies from memory cards
“Picture Rescue (previously Klix) worked amazingly well to recoup everything I thought had been eradicated.”



Tweak Every Decibel on Your Mac’s Speakers with SoundBunny
“Being incredibly simple and robust, SoundBunny is everything a utility app should be. It does exactly what you want it to, when you want it, and it doesn’t confuse you with any unnecessary sub-features, like other apps do.”



Total control of application sound and volume on Mac
“The best thing is…
It’s great for toning down or muting the sound of specific applications.”



Mac Gems: Control sound volume on an individual app basis with SoundBunny
“Get great control on your Mac’s audio with SoundBunny, which lets you adjust volume based on individual apps.”



SoundBunny Review
“The bottom line. For deciding which applications can shout and which can only whisper, SoundBunny shines.”
Tom’s Mac Software Picks!
“At the very least, Apple should have licensed this useful app. ”




SoundBunny for Mac
“Ready to go: As soon as SoundBunny for Mac is installed, it’s ready for use. All of our running apps appeared in the window, with a slider to control the volume.”





Hear Review
“The sheer volume of options for optimizing sound makes it a fantastic tool for most everyday listening.”




Hear Review
SoundBunny for Mac
“Tweaks sound from any app. Simple to use. Powerful. Presets get you going quickly.”




Hear Review
“The application comes in a sleek dark interface and you can navigate through every element via tabs.
Hear includes the expected mixer and equalizer but you’ll also find less common yet highly important elements like a limiter, maximizer, ambiance, 3D and FX. ”




Macworld Hear Review
“Listen to your music with Hear long enough, and switching off the enhancements can be a rude surprise. Where once you had a large, detailed sound stage, your music suddenly sounds boxed-in and flat.”



Data Backup 3
“Data Backup is a complex and capable Mac backup software program that offers plentiful backup and restore features.”



PC World
Kill your data dead with these tips and tools
“Great interface • Advanced algorithms • Wipes multiple drives It is all about erasing a lot of hard disks with minimal fuss. It’s designed for professionals who erase in bulk”



Tech Republic
Take-two Review: Prosoft MediaTools Wipe
“Prosoft has come out with an improved version of their MediaTools Wipe product; see what has changed.”