Awards & Reviews

Sofpedia - February 2012

Tweak every decibel on your Mac’s speakers with SoundBunny

"Sometimes the simplest pieces of software leave such a good impression that one simply must do a writeup and spread the word. SoundBunny is one of those apps." - Sofpedia


Mevvy - May 2013

The best thing is...

"It's great for toning down or muting the sound of specific applications." - Mevvy - 1000 Best Apps

macworld - May 2013

Macworld - May 2013

Easy to use

"Easy to use, slick interface, useful ignore lists." - Vic Lennard

Genius at Everything - August 2012

Genius at Everything - August 2012

Control the volume

"Let's say for example, you are watching a movie, and you don't want to hear all of your Mac sounds, just the iMessage sound, well that's what SoundBunny does. You can separately control the volume of each application running." - Genius at Everything

maclife soundbunny review

MacLife - June 2012

SoundBunny Shines

"The bottom line. For deciding which applications can shout and which can only whisper, SoundBunny shines." - Susie Ochs

Macmais - May 2012

Macmais - May 2012

SoundBunny: Control the volume of each application

"Simple interface, requires no practice nor skill; volume changes of different applications." - Redação macmais

Silicon Mountain MUG

Silicon Mountain MUG - March 2012

Control almost any App's volume with SoundBunny

"SoundBunny is an inexpensive one trick pony for Mac users who desire a more controlled sound environment. If that sounds like you, try out this very stable and useful tool." - L. Davenport

Mid-Columbia Mac Users Group

Mid-Columbia Users Group - March 2012

Control almost any App's volume with SoundBunny

"We have found a very useful purpose for SoundBunny. Every morning we do a video iChat with family offers excellent fine tuning." - Mid-Columbia Users Group

G4 - Tech News

G4 - Tech News - March 2012

Control almost any App's volume with SoundBunny

"And if you're like most people you are multitasking, so you really do need to not only control the sound output of your apps but also the ability to set different levels at the same time, depending on what you're doing." - Greg Gazin

CNET Australia

CNET Australia - March 2012

SoundBunny: Application audio control for OS X

"Sometimes you want to crank the volume on your computer, other times you want to kill things altogether. But then there are times when you'd like to have some soft music playing, keep certain applications muted, while also keeping your mail alerts at full volume because you're waiting on an important message." - Seamus Byrne - March 2012

SoundBunny User Report

"A very good deal if you want to easily control the volume levels of your apps independently." -

mactrast - Feb 2012

SoundBunny Lets You Control Individual Application Volumes on OS X

"This is a pretty awesome little app. What's more, it's only $9.99, and you can test drive it for 30 days before you purchase. My advice, however, is that it's well worth the $10." - Henry Taylor-Gill - Feb 2012

"If you would like to gain a bit of additional control over the sound levels of all your apps, then call in the SoundBunny." - Tom's Mac Software Pick - Feb 2012

Adjust OS X sound volume level per application with SoundBunny

"Prosoft Engineering's new SoundBunny utility offers Mac users fine-tuned control over volume levels." -