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Superior Technical Support

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b) Based in our California office
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Snow Leopard Compatibility

NetWare Client

NetWare Client for Mac OS X Version 2.0.1

Please note: NetWare Client for Mac OS X is no longer in active development- There will be no new bug fixes nor will there be any new development for this product. Novell has discontinued NetWare and has replaced it with Open Enterprise Server.

The following features work under 10.6.0 and 10.6.1:

Login Volume mount on desktop File Transfer from local machine to server Opening, editing and saving files to the server Opening, editing and saving files that are on the server Printing to established printers

The following issues are known:

OS 10.6.1
We have customers reporting that are seeing problems with files that can't be transferred from the server to the user's desktop. There is a permissions error when this is attempted. One possible workaround that has worked for some applications but not all is to open the file in it's parent application and then save the file to their local system using the parent application.