Introducing Hear...better sound quality for your Mac and PC

Hear - better sound quality for your Mac and PC

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  • 3d-sound-icon-40x403D Sound

    Do you like movies? Like them even more with virtual cinema quality sound experience. Sound will approach you from all angles, even from behind. Hear is the best option for you as it provides better sound quality for your mac and pc.

  • equalizer-icon-40x40Equalizer

    Perfect and improve the sound quality on your computer with Hear's studio quality N-band equalizer with built-in peak limiter. You've got complete control.

  • speaker-icon-40x40Speaker Correction

    Control speaker resonance to increase frequency range and enhance sound.

  • control-icon-40x40Center Channel Control

    Control the volume and width of the sound coming from your own virtual center-stage for performance-grade audio effects. A concert in your house.

  • woofer-icon-40x40Virtual Subwoofer

    No Sub? No problem. Let Hear use your existing speakers to boost your bass. Don't you need more thump in your life?

  • ambience-icon-40x40Ambience

    Fine tune reverb to emulate any venue from phone booth to concert hall. Either way, it's music to your ears.

  • fidelity-icon-40x40Fidelity control

    Music the way it was meant to be heard. Restore frequency, coloring and intensity lost during the recording process. Put more "hi" in your "fi".

  • Much more...

    Hear can control the volume and improve the sound of your PC and Mac independently. You can control enable and disable each effect independently. You can apply the effects in any order for dramatic results. You can define and recall presets at any time. You can enjoy Hear's effects through your computer's speakers, headphones and external speakers. And you can do it all in an easy-to-understand user interface. Hear provides better sound quality for Mac and PC.

Happy Testimonial

Here is testimonial from a happy customer and an example of some of the ways Hear can enhance the sound from your music, movies and games...take advantage of the free trial version of Hear and create this setting for yourself!

"Let me set this up for you...I'm sitting in my office, working away on my computer. I normally play some background music on my computer to help set the mood, allowing me to concentrate on the task at hand. Today I'm listening to some soothing, instrumental guitar music from one of my favorite albums. Today, however, it's a little different than it has been in the past. Today, the music is richer, fuller and seems to dance around me.

So, what happened? What is different today than yesterday?

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