Free up more space on your hard drive with Duplicate Files Search, Large Files Search, Language Support Removal and Universal Binary slimming.

DriveSlim™ is loaded with these features:

Duplicate File Search and Delete

Ever wonder how many duplicate files you have on your hard drive?

DriveSlim™ can search for all duplicates, show you their location and let you delete the unnecessary duplicates.

DriveSlim will automatically skip Adobe and Microsoft applications in order to avoid common issues known with slimming of those software packages.

Large File Search and Delete

Your Macintosh is loaded with hundreds of thousands of files on the hard drive and most likely you have some very large files clogging up your hard drive?

Whether it's a video of the Dramatic Chipmunk or some funny email attachment someone sent you, chances are you have large files taking up space on your hard drive that you don't know about - Easily find them and delete them from you hard drive.

Multi-language Slimming

Did you know your Mac can speak multiple languages? Unfortunately, unless you speak another language, that feature (and all the files to support it) are just wasting space on your hard drive- With DriveSlim™, you can select which languages you want your Mac to support, and delete the others (that you don't speak).

Universal Binary support removal

When Apple made the transition to Intel-based Macs, applications had to be made in a way that supported the new Intel-based Macs as well as the older PowerPC-based Macs from years back. If you're on an Intel-based Mac you are probably never going to revert back to an older machine that needs Universal support, so why not free up the hard drive space of those support files? DriveSlim™ makes it easy to trim all those down to only support the new Intel-based Macs.

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