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tuaw - May 2013

tuaw - May 2013

Ailing Mac? Try Drive Genius 3

"Drive Genius offers repair and maintenance utilities you can use to make sure your hard drive runs at maximum efficiency." - Ilene Hoffman


MacInformer - Sept 2012

MacInformer - Sept 2012

Chores to consider before and after upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion

"In conclusion, I have nothing but praise for Drive Genius 3. The number of useful scans and utilities is astounding and the design and quality of the application are evident. The price isn't bad at all if you compare it with other similar applications." - MacInformer

iCreate - 5 Star Review

iCreate - 5 Star Review

Drive Genius 3

"A wonderful application, well-executed, easy to use and well worth five stars." - Stephen Ashby (iCreate)


ZDNET - July 30, 2012

Chores to consider before and after upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion

"A prominent Mac storage developer recently pitched its software as the path to "a smooth upgrade to Apple's Mountain Lion." Whether or not one buys the program, the recommended list of chores - both before and after the OS upgrade - make sense, especially for the new SSD-only MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs." - ZDNET


Bare Essentials - July 2012

Defensive Strategies for the Digital Age

"A healthy hard drive is key to preserving your digital treasures and improving operation speeds giving you access to the stuff you need when you need it." - Bare Essentials

About.com Mac About.com Mac

About.com - March 2012

A Comprehensive Disk Utility for the Mac

"Drive Genius almost makes disk management painless." - Tom Nelson

Macworld UK August 2011

Macworld UK August 2011

"Drive Genius is, in many ways, the only additional maintenance program you'll need. In a field packed with poorly designed, one-shoot tools, Drive Genius offers a great looking all-in-one bundle that's well worth the investment."

Macworld - June 2011

Mac App Store hosted disk utility

"Prosoft releases first Mac App Store-hosted disk utility"

CNET Download.com - March 2011

Drive Genius for Mac

"if you're interested in keeping your Mac in tip-top shape, it's hard to go wrong with a tool that the pros use. Drive Genius gives you a lot of features in an all-in-one package that's easy to use and understand."

MacWelt - March 2011

First Aid for Macs

"Defective hardware or carelessness of the user's important data can disappear in the digital nirvana. Then, in addition to a current backup one or the other tool is useful to keep the loss limits..."

MacPrices.net - February 16, 2011

Drive Genius 3.1 Diagnostic Maintenance And Repair Suite Review

"In summary, Drive Genius 3.1's main attraction over earlier versions is the new live defrag feature, making it well worth upgrading to if you already have Drive Genius 3.x, in which case the upgrade is free. Why not?"

Macworld - February 9, 2011

Drive Genius 3.1 review

"Pros: Works exactly as advertised without too many frills; Fixes drive errors"

PC Advisor - January 27, 2011

Drive Genius 3.1 review

"Drive Genius is a comprehensive set of disk tools for OS X, its components sometimes echoing those built into the operating system; other times adding features unavailable elsewhere. In our tests, all worked well as described. While the cost and features are not necessarily applicable for all domestic Mac users, we'd recommend this app for any technical Mac user as well as sysadmins looking for some GUI aid for that occasional maintainence and service of a fleet of Macintoshs."

MacTECH - January 2011

Drive Genius 3 Offers Centralized Support, A Good PDF Manual

"For users who absolutely rely on their computer, DrivePulse will help detect small problems"

IGM insanely great mac - December 21, 2010

Drive Genius 3 Offers Centralized Support, A Good PDF Manual

"Third: Drive Genius 3 - Hard Drive Utility for Mac OS X"

TopTenREVIEWS - November 2010

Drive Genius 3

"As far as Mac recovery software goes, Drive Genius 3 is a shining example of what happens when developers put thought and care into their software. Mac hard drive recovery software can be dry and dense, but with this program you get an easy-to-use, fun-to-navigate powerhouse that approaches the problems of data loss and recovery from a new and innovative angle."

CNET MacFixIt - October 2010

Hands on: A look at Drive Genius 3

"Drive Genius is an all-in-one utility for diagnosing and fixing errors with your hard drive or other storage media. It will fix corrupt filesystem structure -the HFS+ database files used for tracking data on the drive-, scan the media for bad blocks, perform testing, and perform benchmarking on the drive. In addition, it will help you optimize your drive by defragmenting it, removing duplicate and unused files, and continually monitoring the media for any issues that may crop up in the future. Beyond tasks that will directly diagnose or solve problems, Drive Genius has options to help you manage your drives by repartitioning, volume cloning, and options for initializing and shredding files so you can be sure no data is recoverable when erasing your drive."

NewZealand Mac Guide - September 2010

Drive Genius 3 Review

"Drive Genius 3 is faster than DG2 - it now runs as a 64-bit application and includes a new feature called DrivePulse, a monitor for the overall health of your drive, alerting you to possible issues before they become major problems. I have all my files on an external drive, a holdover from constant Mac swapping to test things. It saves me having to constantly move files from one Mac to another - now I just install the applications I need on the Mac of the month. But this makes that external drive a crucial element - DrivePulse detected a problem and let me repair it, for which I was most thankful."

MacDirectory - Fall 2010

Review Drive Genius 3

"It can be said that the health care capital for the Mac OS lies a dozen or so miles north of Cupertino, Calif., in an appropriately named town called Pleasanton. It is the home of Prosoft Engineering, a company that has made its name with a series of utilities that excel at protecting and recovering your data as well as a best-of-breed suite of drive maintenance and repair tools that help you avoid the necessity of the others. Soon after Macs moved to OS X, Prosoft picked up where Norton's left off and frankly did a much better job."

Macworld UK - August 2010

Drive Genius 3 Review

"Drive Genius 3 is such a serious and comprehensive upgrade, it could be the only disk management tool you need."

MyMac.com - August 2010

Review - Drive Genius 3

"Prosoft's Drive Genius 3 is their updated 64-bit application that allows you to monitor the health and well-being of your Mac. An updated user interface allows you to select Information, displaying complete information on your Mac's hard drives and volumes; Defrag, letting you optimize your hard drive for best performance; Drive Slim, permitting you to recover space on your hard drive by removing unused or duplicate file and more; Repair, which allows you to verify, repair or rebuild your directory and to keep an eye on your system; Scan, which checks every byte on your drive for any errors; plus Drive Pulse, allowing you to monitor your volumes and hard drives in the background, monitoring reliability and performance."

Mac+ - August 2010

Drive Genius 3 Review

"Sempre alerta!"

Macworld Spain - June 2010

Drive Genius 3 Review

"Eficaz. Completo. Funciones avanzadas."

Power Book Central - June 2010

Prosoft's Drive Genius 3 Disk Tools Suite

"Drive Genius has always been an impressive application with an amazingly comprehensive range of functionality, and with version 3 it is better than ever. This program is definitely something you'll be glad to have around when your hard drive needs either first aid or intensive care, and will also make drive management more convenient with many more alternatives and options. Being as it's competitively priced with competing applications, it offers excellent value."

Vous et Votre - Issue 58

Drive Genius 3 Review

"Prosoft greffe à son logiciel de gestion et de maintenance des disques durs la fonction qui lui manquait par rapport à TechTool Pro: un robot de surveillance, de test et d'alerte.  Bernard Le Du"

MacUser - May 2010

Drive Genius 3 Review

"A good update that makes this excellent precautionary tool even better."

Saggiamente - May 2010

Drive Genius 3 Review

"Recentemente è stata rilasciata Drive Genius 3 di Prosoft e questa nuova versione mi ha ben presto convinto all'acquisto. Innanzitutto mi è sempre piaciuta la grafica -già dalle precedenti versioni- con le icone in semicerchio che si avvicinano quando ci si passa sopra con il mouse -molto ben fatto-."

SG Soft-Go

Drive Genius 2.3

"Drive Genius 3 is used by Apple at the Genius Bar as part of the ProCare Yearly Tune Up."

techradar - May 2009

Drive Genius 2 Review

"It's definitely a comprehensive set of options that allows you to fine-tune the settings to your liking. Using DriveSlim with the suggested default settings, we managed to identify 60GB of files on a 250GB external drive that could be archived without any detriment whatsoever."

SurfBits - February 2009

Drive Genius 2: Mac Hard Drive Toolbox

"My heartburn with the interface aside, Drive Genius 2 is a trustworthy utility to keep in your Mac toolbox. It also is useful for routine maintenance. A license runs $99 and you can get more information at ProSoftEngineering.com. I would recommend this application as a good investment for anyone serious about drive maintenance and troubleshooting."

iCreate - January 2009

Best in Show

"This is a great piece of software allows users to search for and delete duplicate files, multi-language slimming and Universal Binary support removal - all of which will have your mac purring away faster."

Power Book Central - October 2008

The Book Mystique

"Brand new in Drive Genius Version 2.1.0 is the DriveSlim tool that intelligently finds and frees up space on your volumes that is redundant or unused, which represents a step onto Disk Warrior's turf. The Shred tool has been enhanced and now shreds individual files or complete folder hierarchies as well as volumes and disks, plus there's a new single-pass zero option."

MacNN - September 2008

First Look: Drive Genius 2.1, disk utility

"DriveGenius has always been an excellent maintenance tool -which even the geniuses at the Apple Stores use-, and with the addition of the DriveSlim feature in version 2.1, this utility is even more versatile. Its $99 price tag is reasonable and its protection against disk problems can be invaluable. You may not need DriveGenius, but your Mac will be more efficient if you get it."

Applelinks - July 2008

Drive Genius 2.0.3

"With the partition defragged, I was able to use Drive Genius's resize function to shrink the middle volume down to one gigabyte, which left a new free space of two gigabytes. However, the opened up space was positioned beneath the newly resized partition, and I wanted to expand the topmost partition."

MacLife - July 2008

Your Own Private Mac Genius

"In fact, if you purchase Apple's $99/year ProCare plan for your Mac, the Genius Bar technicians use Drive Genius 2 to defragement and otherwise maintain your hard drive. And since you can boot your Mac from the DVD, you'll be able to run Drive Genius 2 from the disc and diagnose problems in the event that your Mac's boot drive refuses to work."

About This Particular Macintosh - May 2008

Drive Genius 2

"For a while I debated the rating for this program. Were the concerns I had enough to deny it ATPM's highest rating? After all, this is a rock-solid program that works as advertised. Ultimately I settled on a rating of Excellent because in the scope of things my concerns were minor. Drive Genius is definitely worth a place in your utility closet."

MacUser - May 2008

Drive Genius 2 Review

"The new look is a leap forward from the staid appearance of most disk utilities. Over two screens, icons of each of the program's 11 tools are arranged in a semicircle against a dark background."


Drive Genius

"There is little to fault with Drive Genius. Those using slower machines may have problems with the animated menu but you can deactivate it via preferences. Other than to check for regular updates, there are virtually no other preferences though. Drive Genius is an elegant and comprehensive maintenance tool that should be able to eliminate those bad sectors that have been causing your Mac grief."

Macworld UK - April 2008

Macworld Awards 2008 nominations

"Best OS X consumer software"

Macworld UK - March 2007

Optimise and defragment your drives

"Drive Genius is the disk-maintenance kit that should have shipped with your Mac. Sounds dramatic? This program could save your system from a terminal crash, especially if you're working with large media files, photographs, video or sound."

MacUser - February 2007

Drive Genius

"As well as running as a standalone utility, Drive Genius comes on a Universal Binary bootable disc ready for Intel and PowerPC Macs. We recommend always knowing where this is on your shelves. For disk repair, this is the business."

MacDirectory - February 2007

Drive Genius 1.1.5 > A Smart Choice in Disk Utilities

"Unique, non-destructive partitioning tool; speedy performance; simple interface."

Softpedia - February 2007

Drive Genius 3

"4 out of 5 stars -- very good rating"

Applelinks - February 2007

Drive Genius v1.5

"You can find programs that offer individually the capabilities of Drive Genius, and some that handle them better, but not many that give you such a tight package for one relatively low price. For some, Drive Genius will be an emergency surgeon. For others, a family practitioner. But no matter how you use it or how urgent the need, Drive Genius is good to have around."

MacLife - July 2005

Complete Disk Utility Software

"Prosoft's Drive Genius lives up to its name by providing comprehensive disk-repair tools and performance enhancing defragmentation routines to keep your Mac's drive in tip-top condition."

MacFormat - May 2005

Drive Genius 1.0.1

"Prosoft has released a utility that leads the way in hard drive repair and maintenance. Drive Genius is a must for your Mac's toolkit."

Macworld - April 2005

Drive Genius

"Drive Genius delivers excellent maintenance and management tools that let you optimize, repair, and rebuild your hard drives. While the lengthy CD boot-up and the re-entering of serial numbers was tedious, the program's ability to initialize and repartition your hard drive while volumes are being repaired and defragmented make up for that inconvenience."

techradar - January 2005

Drive Genius Review

"Because a computer's hard drive is the component most likely to fail, disk repair and maintenance tools are very important. Drive Genius is a package of hard disk tools including defragmentation, cloning, and more. Its most useful functions are file shredding -so files cannot be recovered- and benchmarking."

iCreate - Issue 71

Drive Genius 2.1.1

"Save yourself a trip to the Genius Bar and optimise your Mac from home."