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Clicking Drive

If your drive is clicking or making any other strange noises this is likely due to some physical problems with the drive. It is strongly recommended that you immediately power down the drive and stop using it. You will likely cause more data loss by using a drive that is clicking or suffering from a hardware issue so the best option is to stop using it and send it to our full-service cleanroom recovery solution:

Deleted files

If you've deleted files on your main drive, those files are marked as free space by the system and can be written over as needed. It's important to stop using your computer as soon as possible in this situation. Do not download any software to the drive where the deleted files were (as that download may overwrite those very files you're trying to recover). There are a few options for you in this situation:

  1. Boot your computer from our Data Rescue® Boot DVD
    1. If you have one, simply follow the instructions on the DVD — Then run a deleted file scan on your drive — You will need a second drive to recover the deleted files to.
    2. If you do not have a Data Rescue® Boot DVD, you may purchase one online. It is important that you download the boot DVD image to a different computer, burn it using that other computer and then take the disc to the computer you're trying to recover deleted files from. Your email receipt for the Boot DVD image download will include instructions on how to burn this boot DVD and use it to boot your Mac.
    3. You may also purchase Data Rescue® in a retail store (Apple store, MicroCenter,etc) or online store (Other World Computing, Amazon, etc). The retail packaged box will include the bootable DVD inside the box.

  2. Boot your computer via FireWire Target Disc Mode (using another Macintosh)

Target Disk Mode

  1. Turn off the machine with the corrupted hard drive (machine).
  2. Connect both machines using a firewire cable.
  3. Boot the secondary Mac as you do normally.
  4. Boot the machine with the corrupted hard drive (machine), while holding the "T" key. Hold the "T" key until you see a FireWire icon floating across the screen.
  5. On your secondary Mac, download and open the Data Rescue® 3 demo.
  6. In Data Rescue® 3, select the Target FireWire connected Hard Drive as the drive to scan.

If you do not have access to another Mac, you may contact our sales department to order a bootable DVD to be shipped to you for $7.50 shipping and handling so you may demo the software prior to purchase. You may call our sales line at 1-877-477-6763.

  1. Boot your computer via secondary bootable drive

If you have a bootable secondary HD that has a Mac operating system on it, you may use it to run Data Rescue® 3 & scan your drive. Here's how:

  1. From a powered off state hold down the "option" key while powering your Mac up.
  2. Once the option's menu appears select your bootable HD and click the arrow to continue.
  3. Install Data Rescue® 3 to the HD and launch it.
  4. Now you can scan you HD safely while booting from another drive.

If the deleted files you are trying to recover are NOT on your main drive, then you can simply download the demo for Data Rescue® 3 to that main drive, install the application and run it, scanning the other drive where the deleted files occurred.



What's New in Data Rescue® 3

  • Data Rescue® 3 sports a brand new Graphical User Interface, with animated visual effects.
  • Over 100 new Reconstructed file types have been added for Deleted and Deep scans.
    Click HERE to see a complete list
  • A powerful new feature called FileIQ allows Data Rescue® 3 to learn about new file types from user-supplied samples. This greatly extends the number of potential Reconstructed file types supported.
  • A new File Previewer feature, which can preview many file types prior to recovery.
  • The ability to suspend and resume scans, and to manage the results from multiple scans.
  • Improved support for scanning Apple software RAID drives
  • Improved support for scanning large > 1TB drives
  • Improved support for recovering large sparse disk image files
  • Improved support for recovering pkzip files
  • Improved recovery of hard linked files
  • Added ability to unmount or eject a volume (useful when booted from DVD-ROM)
  • Automatic check for updated Data Rescue® 3 version
  • Improved features to assist if a call to Prosoft technical support becomes necessary.
  • New Home Folder feature when booted from DVD; avoids the need to re-enter activation key each time it's booted.
  • Numerous bug fixes

    Data Rescue® 3 can support any file type, if it is able to be found in an HFS catalog

    Such files will appear under the "Found Files" folder in the recovery list. For files which have been deleted (and therefore have no HFS catalog entry), Data Rescue® 3 supports finding files of a great many types by their content when doing a Deleted or Deep Scan. Such files will appear under the "Reconstructed Files" folder in the recovery list. Below is a current list of the file types supported for Reconstructed Files. In addition to these, other file types not on this list may often be recoverable with the new FileIQ® feature, using user-supplied sample files to teach Data Rescue® 3 about that type.

    Our Mac recovery software has the ability to learn new formats

    You might notice something interesting about the file formats listed below that our software can recover. You will see a myriad of picture formats when scanning the list. In fact, there are about 30 different formats. You might be wondering why there are so many different formats. When a software developer designs a new picture program, they often develop a new file format to go with it. There are some basic formats: jpeg, tiff, gif and bmp are a few of the more common ones.

    However, software that is designed for picture manipulation will often include a specialized format (one that is based on a common format) to allow the user to save changes that remain editable. This allows the user to edit the photo or graphic file over multiple sessions. If the picture manipulation is complex, it may not be possible or feasible to edit in one sitting. Therefore, some of these formats are designed for ongoing editing.

    Picture recovery can often be a more complex task than other files recovery procedures. The reason is that picture formats are often developed more frequently to accommodate program changes. Fortunately, our Mac recovery software has the ability to learn new formats, ensuring a more successful picture recovery.

    Supported File Types

    ArchiCAD PLN and LBK
    AVI video
    Binary Property List. Includes the following subtypes, recovered in various folders and with various extensions: generic bplist, Comic Life, Master Row, Soft Fill, IBCocoaFramework, ChatRoom, QCPatch, AudioTrack, CSElement, Web archive, PmProj, Meta Model Key, User Model Key, Axis Limit, Safari bookmarks, and MyThought files.
    CRW (raw photo format)
    Microsoft .docx office files
    DMG (.dmg and .sparseimage) files
    DV (digital video)
    EMLX (AppleMail emlx mail)
    Entourage database files
    GIF (image format)
    misc (.keychain files, .bmp files, files)
    Norton Filesystem
    OLE files (an older Microsoft Office format, includes generic OLE, Word, PowerPoint, Excel,)
    ORF (raw image format)
    PEF (a binary executable format)
    QuickCeph (disabled by default)
    Quicktime (includes Quicktime movies, m4a audio files)
    Red One (R3D) files
    RIFF (generic RIFF, AVI movies, AfterEffects .aep files, .wav audio)
    RSRC (resource forks from any files)
    Stuffit .sit and .sitx files
    SQLite (generic .db files, .qb2006 files, .qbmb files)
    Text (generic .txt files, .xml, text property list files, Postscript files, Rich Text files, HTML files) Disabled by default.
    TIFF (image format. Includes generic TIFF, as well as these raw image types: NEF, DCR, CR2, DNG, MOS, SRF)
    ZIP (includes bzip2, pkzip, gzip, old gzip, lzh, lzw, pack, and rar)

    Photoshop 3 EPS Image
    Photoshop 3 PSD Image
    Photoshop 6 PSD Image
    Photoshop 3-6 JPEG Image
    Photoshop 6 EPS Image
    Photoshop 6 PCX Image
    Photoshop 6 BMP Image
    Photoshop 6 Windows BMP Image
    Photoshop 6 TIFF Image
    Photoshop 6 PSD2 Image
    Photoshop 7 EPS Image
    Photoshop 7 JPEG Image
    Photoshop 7 TIFF Image
    Photoshop 7-CS3 PSD Image
    Photoshop CS JPEG Image
    Photoshop CS EPS Image
    Photoshop CS TIFF Image
    Adobe Illustrator 5.5 Image
    Adobe Illustrator 5 Image
    Adobe Illustrator 5 EPS Image
    Adobe Illustrator 6 Image
    Adobe Illustrator 6 EPS Image
    Adobe Illustrator 7 Image
    Adobe Illustrator 7 EPS Image
    Adobe Illustrator 8.0 Image
    Adobe Illustrator 8.0 EPS
    Adobe Illustrator 9-10 EPS Image
    Adobe Illustrator 9 Image
    Adobe Illustrator 10 Image
    Rich Text Format
    Quicken 2000 Data
    Quicken 2001 Data
    Quicken 2002 Data
    Quicken 2004 Data
    Quicken 2005 Data
    Quicken 98 Data
    Open Office Drawing
    Open Office Presentation
    Open Office Spreadsheet
    Open Office Text Document
    ClarisWorks 4 Database
    ClarisWorks 4 Spreadsheet
    ClarisWorks 4 Word Document
    ClarisWorks 5 Database
    ClarisWorks 5 Database
    ClarisWorks 5 Word Document
    AppleWorks 6 Database
    AppleWorks 6 SpreadSheet
    AppleWorks 6 Word Document
    AppleWorks 6 Presentation
    Microsoft Excel 4 SpreadSheet
    Microsoft Excel 5 SpreadSheet
    Microsoft Excel 98 SpreadSheet
    Microsoft Office 2001 SpreadSheet
    Microsoft Office 2004 SpreadSheet
    Microsoft Office X SpreadSheet
    Microsoft Word 6 Document
    Microsoft Word 98 Document
    Microsoft Word 2001 Document
    Microsoft Word 2004 Document
    Microsoft Word X Document
    Microsoft Word 5 Document
    Microsoft Office X 2004 PowerPoint
    Microsoft Office 2001 PowerPoint
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 4
    Quark v3.3 Document
    Quark v3.3 EPS Image
    Quark v4 Document
    Quark v4 EPS Image
    Quark v5 Document
    Quark v5 EPS Image
    Quark v6 Document
    Quark v6 EPS Image
    Quark v7 - Document
    PageMaker v4.2 Document
    PageMaker v5 Document
    PageMaker v6 Document
    QuickBooks v4-6 Document
    InDesign v1 Document
    FreeHand v04 Document
    FreeHand v07 Document
    FreeHand v08 Document
    FreeHand v09 Document
    FreeHand v10 Document
    FreeHand EPS Image
    FileMaker Pro 7
    FileMaker Pro 3-6
    FileMaker Pro 2
    ACC m4b Audio
    AAC m4a Audio
    AAC m4p Audio
    AIFF Audio
    Pro Tools Session Files
    Outlook Express 4.5 Contacts
    Outlook Express 4.5 Mail
    Outlook Express 5.02 Database
    Outlook Express 5.02 Messages
    AppleMail Mbox
    Eudora 5 Nicknames
    Eudora 5 Settings
    Eudora 5 Inbox
    Eudora 5 Outbox
    Eudora 5 Junk
    Eudora 5 Trash
    Eudora 6 Settings
    Eudora 6 Eudora Nicknames
    Eudora 6 Personal Nicknames
    Eudora 6 Inbox
    Eudora 6 Junk
    Eudora 6.1 Outbox
    Eudora 6.1 Trash
    iTunes Music Library
    iTunes Music Library (XML)
    Retrospect v5 Document
    Retrospect v6 Document
    Generic PDF
    Final Cut Project
    CaptureOne Raw
    iMovie Project
    Flash Movie .swf, (FWS 2)
    Flash Movie (FWS)
    Flash Movie (CWS)
    Doom 3 Saved Game File
    Doom 3 Saved Game Image
    DreamWeaver XML.html
    Adobe GoLive web-content
    Adobe GoLive
    Adobe GoLive web-settings
    AutoCAD 5
    AutoCAD 8
    AutoCAD G
    VectorWorks 10
    VectorWorks 11
    VectorWorks Generic
    FormZ v4
    Cinema 4D
    FinalDraft v4
    FinalDraft v6-7
    Finale 1998 - ver 3.5
    Finale 1998 - ver 3.7
    Finale 2000
    Finale 2001
    Finale 2002
    Finale 2003
    Finale 2004
    Finale 2005
    Carrera Pro 4
    Capture One TIFF
    4D Database
    Word Perfect
    Photoshop - Generic
    Now Up To Date v3
    Now Up To Date 4.5-5 Calendar
    Now Contact 3
    Quickbooks 2005
    AOL Filing Cabinet
    Reunion-8 Chart
    Phase One TIFF
    Lotus Notes Archive
    Perl_CGI Code
    Pages v1
    TimeCard v2.5
    Logic Pro, Apple, v7, v8/v1 v8/v2, DisplayState, Session
    PowerSchool Database
    Excel 2.2 worksheet
    Excel 2.2 chart
    Excel 2.2 document
    Word v1-5x
    MacDraft v3 - Drawings
    MacDraft v3 - picts
    MacDraft v5
    MacDraw Pro 1.5v2
    MacPaint 2.0
    Quicken 5
    Print Shop
    Photoshop CS2 PSD Image
    Virtual PC7
    EndNote v7 Library
    EndNote v8
    Fuji RAW_large
    Fuji RAW
    AIM Chat
    AIM Instant Messages
    MacInTax 94
    Mozilla Bookmarks
    Finale 2006
    StatView DOBJ
    StatView STFF
    AppleWorks 6 Misc
    AppleWorks 5 Generic
    After Effects 6.5
    Easy Grade Pro3.6
    Mozilla Address Book
    QuickbooksPro 2006
    Chem Draw
    Chem Draw-v7