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Clicking Drive

If your drive is clicking or making any other strange noises this is likely due to some physical problems with the drive. It is strongly recommended that you immediately power down the drive and stop using it. You will likely cause more data loss by using a drive that is clicking or suffering from a hardware issue so the best option is to stop using it and send it to our full-service cleanroom recovery solution:

Deleted files

If you've deleted files on your main drive, those files are marked as free space by the system and can be written over as needed. It's important to stop using your computer as soon as possible in this situation. Do not download any software to the drive where the deleted files were (as that download may overwrite those very files you're trying to recover). There are a few options for you in this situation:

  1. Boot your computer from our Data Rescue® Boot DVD
    1. If you have one, simply follow the instructions on the DVD — Then run a deleted file scan on your drive — You will need a second drive to recover the deleted files to.
    2. If you do not have a Data Rescue® Boot DVD, you may purchase one online. It is important that you download the boot DVD image to a different computer, burn it using that other computer and then take the disc to the computer you're trying to recover deleted files from. Your email receipt for the Boot DVD image download will include instructions on how to burn this boot DVD and use it to boot your Mac.
    3. You may also purchase Data Rescue® in a retail store (Apple store, MicroCenter,etc) or online store (Other World Computing, Amazon, etc). The retail packaged box will include the bootable DVD inside the box.

  2. Boot your computer via FireWire Target Disc Mode (using another Macintosh)

Target Disk Mode

  1. Turn off the machine with the corrupted hard drive (machine).
  2. Connect both machines using a firewire cable.
  3. Boot the secondary Mac as you do normally.
  4. Boot the machine with the corrupted hard drive (machine), while holding the "T" key. Hold the "T" key until you see a FireWire icon floating across the screen.
  5. On your secondary Mac, download and open the Data Rescue® 3 demo.
  6. In Data Rescue® 3, select the Target FireWire connected Hard Drive as the drive to scan.

If you do not have access to another Mac, you may contact our sales department to order a bootable DVD to be shipped to you for $7.50 shipping and handling so you may demo the software prior to purchase. You may call our sales line at 1-877-477-6763.

  1. Boot your computer via secondary bootable drive

If you have a bootable secondary HD that has a Mac operating system on it, you may use it to run Data Rescue® 3 & scan your drive. Here's how:

  1. From a powered off state hold down the "option" key while powering your Mac up.
  2. Once the option's menu appears select your bootable HD and click the arrow to continue.
  3. Install Data Rescue® 3 to the HD and launch it.
  4. Now you can scan you HD safely while booting from another drive.

If the deleted files you are trying to recover are NOT on your main drive, then you can simply download the demo for Data Rescue® 3 to that main drive, install the application and run it, scanning the other drive where the deleted files occurred.



What's New in Data Rescue® 3

  • Data Rescue® 3 sports a brand new Graphical User Interface, with animated visual effects.
  • Over 100 new Reconstructed file types have been added for Deleted and Deep scans.
    Click HERE to see a complete list
  • A powerful new feature called FileIQ allows Data Rescue® 3 to learn about new file types from user-supplied samples. This greatly extends the number of potential Reconstructed file types supported.
  • A new File Previewer feature, which can preview many file types prior to recovery.
  • The ability to suspend and resume scans, and to manage the results from multiple scans.
  • Improved support for scanning Apple software RAID drives
  • Improved support for scanning large > 1TB drives
  • Improved support for recovering large sparse disk image files
  • Improved support for recovering pkzip files
  • Improved recovery of hard linked files
  • Added ability to unmount or eject a volume (useful when booted from DVD-ROM)
  • Automatic check for updated Data Rescue® 3 version
  • Improved features to assist if a call to Prosoft technical support becomes necessary.
  • New Home Folder feature when booted from DVD; avoids the need to re-enter activation key each time it's booted.
  • Numerous bug fixes

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    "Hard drive failure is the bane of the computing experience. Are you properly prepared for such a heinous event? If not, you should check out Data Rescue® 3 which recovers files from damaged hard drives, as well as those that have been deleted." - Jeffrey Wilson


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    TopTen Reviews - May 2013

    TopTen Reviews - May 2013

    Best Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software

    The Verdict: 10/10

    "As our pick for the best Mac hard drive recovery software out there, Data Rescue's effectiveness, usability and functionality far outshine the competition." - TopTen Reviews

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    MacInformer - Sept 2012

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    The Mac Observer - August 13, 2012

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    TopTenREVIEWS - April 2012

    TopTenREVIEWS - April 2012

    Data Rescue® 3 Review

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    "No matter what your reason for using it, Data Rescue® 3 may very well be your best shot at retrieving your important files, short of sending your drive out to a drive recovery service." - Tom Nelson