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Clicking Drive

If your drive is clicking or making any other strange noises this is likely due to some physical problems with the drive. It is strongly recommended that you immediately power down the drive and stop using it. You will likely cause more data loss by using a drive that is clicking or suffering from a hardware issue so the best option is to stop using it and send it to our full-service cleanroom recovery solution:

Deleted files

If you've deleted files on your main drive, those files are marked as free space by the system and can be written over as needed. It's important to stop using your computer as soon as possible in this situation. Do not download any software to the drive where the deleted files were (as that download may overwrite those very files you're trying to recover). There are a few options for you in this situation:

  1. Boot your computer from our Data Rescue®; Boot DVD
    1. If you have one, simply follow the instructions on the DVD — Then run a deleted file scan on your drive — You will need a second drive to recover the deleted files to.
    2. If you do not have a Data Rescue®; Boot DVD, you may purchase one online. It is important that you download the boot DVD image to a different computer, burn it using that other computer and then take the disc to the computer you're trying to recover deleted files from. Your email receipt for the Boot DVD image download will include instructions on how to burn this boot DVD and use it to boot your Mac.
    3. You may also purchase Data Rescue®; in a retail store (Apple store, MicroCenter,etc) or online store (Other World Computing, Amazon, etc). The retail packaged box will include the bootable DVD inside the box.
  2. Boot your computer via FireWire Target Disc Mode (using another Macintosh)

Target Disk Mode

  1. Turn off the machine with the corrupted hard drive (machine).
  2. Connect both machines using a firewire cable.
  3. Boot the secondary Mac as you do normally.
  4. Boot the machine with the corrupted hard drive (machine), while holding the "T" key. Hold the "T" key until you see a FireWire icon floating across the screen.
  5. On your secondary Mac, download and open the Data Rescue®; 4 demo.
  6. In Data Rescue®; 4, select the Target FireWire connected Hard Drive as the drive to scan.

If you do not have access to another Mac, you may contact our sales department to order a bootable DVD to be shipped to you for $7.50 shipping and handling so you may demo the software prior to purchase. You may call our sales line at 1-877-477-6763.

  1. Boot your computer via secondary bootable drive

If you have a bootable secondary HD that has a Mac operating system on it, you may use it to run Data Rescue®; 4 & scan your drive. Here's how:

  1. From a powered off state hold down the "option" key while powering your Mac up.
  2. Once the option's menu appears select your bootable HD and click the arrow to continue.
  3. Install Data Rescue®; 4 to the HD and launch it.
  4. Now you can scan you HD safely while booting from another drive.

If the deleted files you are trying to recover are NOT on your main drive, then you can simply download the demo for Data Rescue®; 4 to that main drive, install the application and run it, scanning the other drive where the deleted files occurred.



What's New in Data Rescue® 4

  • Data Rescue® 4 sports a brand new Graphical User Interface, with animated visual effects.
  • Over 100 new Reconstructed file types have been added for Deleted and Deep scans.
    Click HERE to see a complete list
  • A powerful new feature called FileIQ allows Data Rescue® 4 to learn about new file types from user-supplied samples. This greatly extends the number of potential Reconstructed file types supported.
  • A new File Previewer feature, which can preview many file types prior to recovery.
  • The ability to suspend and resume scans, and to manage the results from multiple scans.
  • Improved support for scanning Apple software RAID drives
  • Improved support for scanning large > 1TB drives
  • Improved support for recovering large sparse disk image files
  • Improved support for recovering pkzip files
  • Improved recovery of hard linked files
  • Added ability to unmount or eject a volume (useful when booted from DVD-ROM)
  • Automatic check for updated Data Rescue® 4 version
  • Improved features to assist if a call to Prosoft technical support becomes necessary.
  • New Home Folder feature when booted from DVD; avoids the need to re-enter activation key each time it's booted.
  • Numerous bug fixes
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    Data Rescue 4

    BootWell™ -
    Powerful New Feature in Data Rescue 4

    Your Mac’s main hard drive (sometimes referred to as the Main HD or Boot Drive) is where all of your computer files are stored. When there is a problem with this hard drive, it can be very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming to get those files back. BootWell is an all-new feature that makes recovery of your main hard drive painless, fast and easy.


    When your main hard drive has crashed and won’t give you access to your files, you won’t be able to download or install new recovery software.

    How can you get your files back?

    1. Boot from a BootWell Drive that has been created by Data Rescue 4!

    2. Your BootWell Drive will let you scan your main hard drive, finding all your files and allowing you to recover them over to another drive.


    When you’ve accidentally deleted files from your Main HD it’s very important to immediately stop using that Mac. Doing anything on your computer could potentially overwrite the files you want to get back. That’s where a BootWell Drive from Data Rescue 4 comes in.

    1. Boot from a BootWell Drive, then you aren’t installing or downloading any files, which helps preserve the files on your drive.

    2. Data Rescue can then run a Deleted Files Scan, finding only your recently-deleted files and letting you decide which ones youwant to recover.


    • Files on Crashed / Corrupted External or Non-Boot Drive
    • Deleted Files on Non-Boot or External Drive
    Simply download and install Data Rescue 4, select the type of scan and you will be able to safely recover your files to a secondary drive.

    * BootWell Drives must first be prepared for your computer. This is an automatic process that happens when you select the BootWell drive as your startup drive. If your computer is non-functional and you cannot run Data Rescue to create a BootWell drive, or you experience an error while starting up from a BootWell drive, your main hard drive may be too damaged to support BootWell directly. If that occurs, you may create and prepare a BootWell drive from any computer with the same OS version as your damaged computer.

    Data Rescue 4

    Easily and Safely Recover from all Macs

    • Works on all Mac hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate.
    • Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted.
    • Recover your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need.
    • Recovers all file types from any HFS/HFS+ formatted hard drive.
    • Tuned for all modern Mac OS versions 10.7.5 and newer.
    • Recovers from any iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacPro, including Retina displays.
    • RAW data recovery is enabled from the entire Mac hard drive.
    • Supports Data recovery from NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions.
    Data Rescue 4

    Designed & Supported in the US

    FREE Technical Support via phone or email.
    FREE Demo for you to try before you buy!
    Risk Free Performance Guarantee $200 credit towards data recovery service if your hard drive is physically broken.

    Data Rescue 4

    Have an older Mac?

    Data Rescue 3 supports older PowerPC
    and 32-bit Intel Macs running 10.4.11 – 10.6.8 systems

    Data Rescue 4

    #1 Rated hard drive recovery software

    Data Rescue is used by home users, forensic recovery teams, and IT groups worldwide. Data Rescue is easy-to-use hard drive and file recovery software. Works when other computer recovery software has failed

    *Prosoft Engineering highly recommends using the demo of Data Rescue 4 before purchasing. Every data recovery scenario is different and we want to make sure it will work for your needs.

    Why is Data Rescue 4 different than other Mac data recovery software programs on the market?

    Focusing on data recovery, instead of Mac hard drive repair, Data Rescue 4 will work in more cases, recover more effectively, and deliver your files in better condition than other Mac hard drive utilities you may have tried in the past. Data Rescue 4 analyzes your entire Mac hard drive looking for your data, then it meticulously re-assembles your files and stores them to a different location.

    Can I recover files that I accidentally deleted, or from a reformatted Mac hard drive?

    In OS X, when a file is deleted, for example by dragging it to the trash and emptying the trash, the file's name and folder information is usually erased by the system, and is therefore irretrievably lost. However in most cases, the most important part of the file — its contents — are still present on the disk. If a Mac hard drive is reformatted, usually the original file catalog is permanently lost and thus recovering files by their original name and directory location is not possible and thus files are recovered by content. Finding the file by its contents alone is in general a difficult task, requiring algorithms to recognize those contents among all the billions of bytes of data on the disk. This task requires algorithms that are tailored to each specific file type. Data Rescue 4 made a start at this by providing support for about ten important file types that can be recovered by content. Data Rescue 4 increased this content scan capability by an order of magnitude, supporting more than one hundred separate file types. And Data Rescue 4 once again increases this content scan capability. (See the following questions.) If the file types you are looking for are among the supported types, there is a good chance that Data Rescue 4 will be able to find it. Beyond the ten-fold increase in number of content scan file types supported, Data Rescue 4 enhances your ability to find deleted files in another way: the Deleted Files Scan scans only the free space portion of your Mac hard drive, greatly reducing the number of files that you must look for to find particular ones. In addition to all of this is FileIQ. FileIQ allows you to add your own file type to Data Rescue 4 to further increase it's capacity to recover your important files. FileIQ works by analyzing your file samples and adding the file patterns so that your User Defined file type can now be located. This vastly increases Data Rescue 4's capabilities to find your deleted files.

    Will Data Rescue 4 recover all file types?

    Data Rescue 4 has an extensive list of hundreds of file types it can recover (listed here). If the file type you are looking to recover is not listed here, there is a powerful new feature call FileIQ that allows Data Rescue 4 to learn about new file types from user-supplied samples. This greatly extends the number of potential Reconstructed file types supported.

    Will Data Rescue 4 recover pictures from a digital camera media card, that have been deleted, reformatted or a corrupt media card?

    Yes, Data Rescue 4 can recover digital images from digital camera media cards as well as Mac hard drives.

    I only deleted one file, do I have to recover all the contents on my Mac hard drive?

    Data Rescue 4 allows you to preview the file before recovering it and you can select the individual files without recovering the whole Mac hard drive.

    I am not very technical, what if I need assistance using Data Rescue 4?

    Prosoft offers FREE pre and post technical support via phone or email.

    What if my drive is physically damaged?

    Prosoft's new, award-winning Data Rescue Center can provide you with a free diagnosis (including free shipping to our facility). This is our full-service hard drive recovery service where we can do Mac hard drive failure recovery. Find out more at