What happened to Prosoft products in the Mac App Store?


When Apple announced the Mac App Store, there were certain rules that software developers had to follow in order to have their applications approved for sale within the Mac App Store.

One of these rules was that the software was not allowed to have admin access nor ask the user for admin access on their behalf * (please see footnote).

For most products (like games and productivity software), this was not an issue. However, for products like Data Rescue® EDR and Drive Genius LE, admin access is required in order to access the raw, uninterpreted data on your internal (Mac HD) drive.

Without admin access, we had to make special versions of our software for the Mac App Store, and these special versions would only work on external drives since external drives did not require admin access in order for software to access raw drive data. With this in mind, we priced the products in the App Store lower than our full versions since our Mac App Store products would only work on external drives.

If customers wanted to also access their internal drive, they could upgrade to our full versions, which were not part of the Mac App Store and therefore did not have the constraints of the Mac App Store and lack of admin access.

Prosoft products have been in the Mac App Store since it was launched, and despite the cost to make special Mac App Store versions of our software, and the resulting confusion for customers, the overall experience had been great for Prosoft and customers.

Prosoft's Data Rescue® External Drive Recovery and Drive Genius LE were both very highly rated and were the number-one-selling utilities of their kind in the Mac App Store. Customers were also happy to be able to get a lower-cost version of the software if their needs were only for external drives. If they wanted to later add internal drive support, the upgrade cost was in-line with buying the full version from the beginning.


Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 has changed everything

Mac OS X 10.8 now requires admin rights for ALL raw drive access, including external drives. This was a major policy change on Apple's part, and was never required in any previous OS X version. What that means is the Mac App Store versions of our products (and all similar products), which are not allowed to have admin access, will in essence be useless on a Mac running OS X 10.8.

It is with great sadness and frustration that we see these changes made which affect so many users. We are hoping that Apple changes their policies to allow Mac App Store users to continue to use their purchased software under Mountain Lion OS 10.8.

Upgrading to full versions

For users wishing to upgrade to full versions of our software (which are not constrained by the Mac App Store regulations), please click appropriate link below:

Prosoft will continue to produce award-winning applications for OS X, including OS X 10.8 and distribute them through various channels, including via http://www.prosofteng.com

* Please Note: The term "admin" is overloaded within OS X. There are users with admin privileges and then system admin. At the operating system level, these two privilege contexts are quite different; in the context of disk access we are referring to system admin access. System admin access can only be granted by users with admin privileges providing their password so applications can work at the system admin level on their behalf.