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This was a dead-easy, no-brainer solution.
Jeff Jourard

I'm an independent consultant who provides a variety of services to a certain segment of the market in my area. One client gave a camera to his 8-year old daughter for Christmas and the pictures were "gone". I try to be a one-stop solution and provide as many yes-I-can answers as possible. I have plenty of utilities for Windows, but his was an all-Mac house. I had a good experience with Data Rescue recovering an entire FileMaker database from an otherwise dead hard drive, so I decided to give Klix a try. I bought it online, downloaded it, and mounted it on the desktop of a G4 at home. For the heck of it, I copied the program file onto my 256MB USB thumbdrive... At the client's home, I plugged in the camera to the daughter's 15" iMac, and then I plugged in the USB thumbdrive. I launched the Klix from the thumbdrive and it came up on the screen! I also selected the thumbdrive as the storage location for the search results. Picture rescue found the camera and went to work. A few minutes later it found absolutely every deleted item on that camera's memory card and most of them were little movies. I restored the files, popped them into the iVideo app they had on the iMac and it was a total success. This was a dead-easy, no-brainer solution. Klix is really easy, really optimized for this purpose, and is every bit as good and maybe better than the excellent utilities I have for this purpose that run on Windows. Based on this experience, I bought the entire suite of recovery software from Prosoft and it is the centerpiece of my Mac Service arsenal.