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Overall Great Product
S. Fernandez

Just wanted to update the user community that the current shipping version of Drive Genius 3 will not boot from DVD with the newest Macs released after July 2009 including the i5 and i7 laptops. See the excerpt below straight from Prosoft's website. Drive Genius 3 is an excellent product. I have been using DG since version 2. However, much of the functionality is only available when booting from the DVD. Without this ability, the software is very limited. You can monitor your drives, but you can not repair them. "...At this time, the current boot technology provided by Apple is based off the 10.5.8 operating system and is capable of booting machines released up to June of 2009. Apple has not released a new DDK to help support machines newer than June of 2009, which include i5 and i7 machines. This means the newest machines will be unable to boot from the current Drive Genius 3 DVD until Apple releases the new Disk Development Kit."