Drive Genius 4 – Upgrade

Drive Genius 4 Upgrade

  • Thank you for your continued support of Drive Genius, the leading disk utility for the Mac. You may upgrade your copy of Drive Genius 3 to the new Drive Genius 4 for a special upgrade price of $49 plus shipping, simply by entering your serial number below.

    *If you purchased Drive Genius 3 between November 1, 2014 to December 11, 2014, please call to claim your free upgrade at 877-477-6763 or Sales


NEW Features in Drive Genius 4

  • Proprietary BootWell™ technology to create a small recovery drive from your existing OS X startup drive. Recovery drives can be used as emergency startup drives and are needed to perform certain operations on the main startup drive.
  • Enhanced and simplified interface to run tools simultaneously on multiple drives.
  • New Instant DrivePulse™ utility that runs DrivePulse™ tests for the most common set of drive problems and presents a pass/fail status.
  • Enhanced Clone tool can copy the startup drive (any in-use drive in fact) without the need to restart, and can copy from a larger drive to a smaller drive.
  • New IconGenius™ utility to set a custom icon for drives and folders; including several collections of custom-designed icons.
  • Tuned for OS X Yosemite and works with 10.8.3 and newer.
Drive Genius 4 Upgrade