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Thank you for requesting a Free Trial of Drive Genius 3.

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Free Trial Features

The Free Trial of this product is limited in the following ways:

  • Features writing to the hard drive are restricted.
  • Repair - Can 'Verify' the hard drive, 'Repair/Rebuild/Repair Permissions' disabled.
  • Defrag - Can view the fragmentation on the hard drive. Actual Defrag is disabled.
  • Repartition - Can view partition map. Cannot repartition.
  • Duplicate - Disabled.
  • Sector Edit - Can view sectors. Writing is disabled.
  • Shred - Disabled.
  • Integrity Check - Disabled. (Has random write)
  • Benchtest - Disabled. (Has random write)
  • Scan - Can scan the hard drive and report bad blocks.
  • Initialize - Disabled.

If you have any problems, please consult our online FAQs or you can contact Prosoft Support