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Data Rescue “Do-it-Yourself” Data Recovery Software for Mac and PC

#1 Rated hard drive recovery software. Works where other recovery software fails!

  • Recovers from crashed or corrupted hard drives.
  • Recovers accidentally deleted files.
  • Recovers after reformat or reinstalling the OS.

* Free Demo will allow you to preview all the files that are recoverable and recover 1 file. To complete the recovery you will need to purchase the software.

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The safest, fastest & most powerful hard drive recovery software on the market!


Super easy to use with FREE technical support…

Data Rescue is easy to use and completely safe  to since it does not attempt any risky repairs to the hard drive it is scanning. Data Rescue is the safest, fastest and most powerful recovery software. Prosoft has been developing software for data recovery since 2002 and are one of the few software companies that offer FREE Technical Support via phone or email based out of our California Office.

Recovers data from all storage devices…

  • Internal & External Hard Drives
  • Thumb Drives
  • Camera media cards

Provides extensive file type recovery…

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#1 Rated Data Recovery Software

Data Rescue has been awarded 4 and 5 star reviews since its debut in 2002, from publications all over the world. It has earned a five star review from the Apple online store as well as Amazon website.

* Free Demo will allow you to preview all the files that are recoverable and recover 1 file. To complete the recovery you will need to purchase the software.

Q: Why is it important to use data recovery software? A: Using DIY (do-it-yourself) data recovery software is an easy and affordable solution to recovering your data and avoiding an alternative option such as an expensive hard drive recovery service. Data recovery software is designed for these types of logical recovery situations (no physical damage as occurred to the hard drive); accidentally deleted files, reformatted the hard drive or have a crashed, non-mounting hard drive? These are common data loss scenarios and ideal for using data recovery software to solve. It is also important you don’t try to repair the hard drive with a risky repair utility before you have recovered your files. Data Rescue 4 from Prosoft is the best data recovery software and is extremely safe to use since it doesn’t have any writing capabilities, so there is no change of further jeopardizing the safety of your files. Data Rescue 4 is a robust tool for deleted file recovery. Once you have Data Rescue 4 it is highly recommended to keep it installed on your Mac for future protection for deleted file recovery. When recovering deleted files the less you write to the drive you are trying to recover the better your chances are for file recovery. The process of downloading and installing data recovery software can just be an unnecessary step for future recoveries.

Q: What goes into the process of using data recovery software? A: A good way to visualize how a very basic recovery scenario works is to use a book as an example. The table of contents is like the directory on a computer-mapping out where each of the files are located. When the directory is not intact the computer is no longer able to locate the files. Data Rescue’s Quick Scan is the fastest way that detects existing directory structures even if your Mac drive won’t mount to the desktop. The scan can find the files and folders with their original names. This is the first scan to try. The next scenario would be if the pages of the book were shredded, a more severe recovery situation where a comprehensive data recovery scan would need to be done. Data Rescue 4’s Deep Scan is a 2 part process.

  1. Detects existing directory structures.
  2. Scans the entire Mac drive for any file patterns to rebuild the raw data of any recognized files.


Online support is provided to guide you through Data Rescue software recovery.

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How to guides provide help to understand Data Rescue software features.

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