Restoring my Mac hard drive from a cloned backup

2012 0711 Master and MasterClone Restoring my Mac hard drive from a cloned backup

How to restore my hard drive from a cloned backup?

Today I corresponded with a customer who was trying to restore his computer data back to his main hard drive (Macintosh HD) on his Mac Mini from his Data Backup 3 Clone. He had a hard drive that had been recalled by Apple and needed to be replaced. He had run a clone backup the day before he had the drive replaced and then reinstalled Mac OS to his new Mac hard drive.

In Data Backup 3 you can use the restore feature to restore a file or folder from a versioned or full/Incremental backup by choosing which version you want to restore. In this case he was trying to restore a bootable clone back to his Macintosh HD. I worked him through how to restore all of the files from his clone backup to his Macintosh HD. This allowed him to load all applications and other data back without having to reinstall them or copy files back one at a time. He was happy that he had backed up all of his data with Data Backup 3 and that he was able to restore his files quickly, saving him valuable time.

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 Restoring my Mac hard drive from a cloned backup
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